First Snow

Just a quick note – Munich and the surrounding area got its first snow of the year last night. By mid-morning there was 1-2in. 2-5cm. on the ground. The temp is hanging right around freezing so it’s a bit wet and probably won’t hang around too long.

Apart from that, Alisha’s parents are in town visiting for about a week. They arrived Tuesday morning and have been super busy since then exploring the city. We have a busy weekend planned with trips to Dachau and Olympic Park and a 5k/10k road race on Sunday in East Munich (Alisha and her dad are doing the 10k – you can geuss which one I’m doing!). Then on Monday we’re going to try to get out of town and take a look at one of the most majestic castles in Europe, the Newschwanstein.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve fallen quite behind in making updates. Truthfully, I’ve been avoiding starting new posts because they are quite time consuming – between writing, editing, yammering on and on about nothing, adding pictures, etc, it takes a couple hours just to get one post up. So, hopefully I can either find the time to do some more big updates, or maybe I just have to contain myself and write faster and shorter. At the least, I will get some more pictures up, especially from our anniversary trip to Paris.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Alisha’s newly redesigned blog, which she is being more faithful in updating that I am.

By the way – you’ll see the GuestMap has been re-enabled below, so if you’re reading this and still haven’t left your mark, nows the time to do it!

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