Hello from Toscana

This is just a quick post to let anyone who is still following know that we’re still doing well over here, and at the moment I’m posting from a B&B in the heart of Tuscany, Italy (Toscana to the locals). I’m on a painfully slow dial-up connection, as the Italians apparently haven’t discovered hi-speed Internet yet. I have a report to make from my trip a week and a half ago to Brussels, Belgium where some co-workers and we stumbled upon the ‘Weekend of Beer’ festival. But more exciting, though, was an opportunity that popped up mid-last week for me to travel with Alisha’s european team as the driver/mechanic for a whole week of racing in Germany and Italy. We spent last weekend in Nurnburg, Germany for a quick World Cup race, then spend a day driving through Germany, Austria, and into Tuscany, where we are now. We’ve made it through 4 stages of racing so far with 3 left to go by Sunday when the race ends in Florence. We’ll hop aboard a night train to get back to Munich so I can go into the office on Monday, then hopefully we’ll find the time to make more updates (with lots of pictures!) soon there-after.


  1. Very professionable beside being good and most informative, and keep Alysha on her bike and not under it. Continue to ejoy.

  2. ya ya. I’m working on it. Here’s a quick synopsis: went to Brussels and drank some good beer, went to Nurnburg to watch a race, went to Italy for a week to watch a race and drank a lot of good wine, frequented Oktoberfest a couple times last week (and you know what happens there).

    OK, maybe by this weekend i’ll make a quick update. In the meantime, be sure to check out the updated photo galleries.

  3. Waiting on current updates (-: (I don’t know how to insert the smiley faces either) Have really enjoyed this Joe! (“resembled” the Alabama remarks) Happy 1st anniversary on the 23rd!!!

  4. Hey Beelers! Everyone’s favorite Southern California natives turned Alabamians, eh?

    OK, well now that I’ve confirmed I still have at least 3 readers left, I’ll think about getting another post up – for real this time!

    I have plently to write about, so be sure to check back. Trips to Brussels and Italy, carousing at Oktoberfest, and Alisha’s adventures to Central America, which involved hurricanes, mud-slides and erupting volcanos. I’ll have to get it all in soon though – we’re planning a 1 year anniversary trip to Paris at the end of this month!

  5. excellent – i was writing down some notes for a new post as I got the latest comment notification, so I promise one is coming within a couple/few days.

  6. Hey Joey & Alisha,
    Happy to hear you are still enjoying it over
    there. I just helped your cousin Laura Beeler
    with a marker that looks like her in Alabama!

  7. haha – i thought that was a little suspicious when 4 of my cousins all signed the guestmap within 5 minutes of each other!
    thanks though – it’s cool to see where everyone is reading from (if they’re reading)

    about to put up another post, finally!

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